Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year, New Pup...

Hey folks, it's the Pup again. I know, I know... I SUCK at updating this thing. But the thing is, I've been going through so much in my life lately. Just a lot of stress and stuff. It's not that I'm unhappy, necessarily. It's just that I'm not exactly living my dream right now. I came to Los Angeles to be a success in the movies. In some ways, you could say that my XTube videos has constituted that. I'm not raking in the dough from it (heck, I'm not making one cent off the videos), but I do have a large following online and lots of people send me very heartfelt and inspired emails thanking me for the work I do. That's pretty cool. But I find myself wondering if I'm shooting myself in the foot by doing these videos. I mean, I have some really cool mainstream entertainment projects in development, and part of me wonders if having a plethora of nasty bareback videos online is going to keep me from achieving my dreams. I've already decided that I'm not going to deny having done them, but will anyone take me seriously if they've seen me swallowing piss from a complete stranger in a hotel room? Am I fooling myself that I'll ever be anything more than an Internet slut?

A lot of people have told me that I should take my videos off XTube and start my own site. This is something I've been thinking about myself, but I've been resistant to the idea of becoming a "porn star." Part of my resistance has been because I've been in judgment of myself, still thinking in the back of my mind that what I've been doing with these videos is somehow something to be ashamed about. As liberated as I come off, I still suffer from a lot of the same issues that a lot of other gay men do. I was judged all my life for my sexuality, and it sticks with you forever. I just get to keep reminding myself that there is nothing dirty or shameful about what I do. And so, with that in mind, I've actually begun talking with a few webmasters and developers about launching I purchased the domain the other day, and I have several affiliate programs making offers to me about hosting my content as part of their program.

I've really wanted to keep my content free. I fully believe that part of really sharing my sexuality with you guys is not making you pay for it. But the reality is that I'm in financial straits, and my only skills are writing, directing and having sex. And since writing gigs are almost impossible to come by these days, and I'm not an established enough director to be hired to make movies yet, that leaves me with using my sexuality to support myself. So I'm seriously considering starting my own paysite. Now rest assured, I will still be releasing free videos to XTube here and there, just not as regularly, and a good number of the ones that are posted there will be coming down and will be posted on my own site instead. I have been so thankful to you all for all the support you've shown me; I only hope that you will continue to support me as I move forward with the next tier in DirtyPuppy's journey.

In the meantime, I have posted a couple new videos to XTube. Most of you have probably seen "The After-Bar Threeway" video that I posted a little over two weeks ago. There were some technical difficulties with it for the first week or so, but I believe those have been fixed and the video is playing just fine now. You should be able to check it out by clicking here. And just today, I posted another new video, "Warm Milk Before Bed," a hot quickie vid of me taking a load from this big-dicked guy who lives close by to me.

Anyway, that's about it for me this time around. Hope you enjoy the new videos, and stay in touch.


  1. Hi Ken, thanks for the update. Do you have an email address I can send a longer email to?

  2. Just got a look at all the newest video. Ken, you are the bomb!

  3. Hi Ken I love all your videos do you have any new videos or updates about you of what you have been up to in 2016 keep the videos cumming